Live. Move. Breathe.

Want to live bigger?

Do something you can’t do. Find something that scares you 😳and try it. If you aren’t good at it, keep going, even if it sucks REALLY bad😩, until you are better at it and find success in it.

Key Point: It must scare you just a bit! If it is easy and you can do it in 2 weeks then the success of it won’t be enough to change you. Get better at being nervous, scared, extremely heightened in a sympathetic state so you can get better at getting right back to a chill, hell yeah, enjoying parasympathetic life-ness, bad ass BOSS state.💁‍♀️

Want to move more?

Find all the ways you can’t move and learn how to improve those movements. Move every joint and see where limitations exist and work really hard to find more range of motion and movement variability.

Key Point: You won’t feel like an amazing athlete 🏃🏻‍♀️and you may feel like you are a huge loser🚶🏻‍♀️ because you can’t raise your arm overhead with more than 10lbs. Just say F*## it because better movement progressively and slowly overloaded is way cooler than lifting 50lbs overhead with shitty form (aka: banging your freaking head against a wall non stop and still feeling pain).🙈

Want to breathe better?

Take a long sighing exhale 😤and put yourself in a position to find your abdominals, hamstrings and your glutes, preferably all at the same time. Try to inhale without any of this turning off. If you can’t breathe or you feel like your breath is like sucking through a straw with a piece of ice stuck in it🥵, then you are doing it right. Just keep trying and your body will get better at widening that straw in this position and learning to breath in it.

Key Point: If it is really easy to inhale in whatever position you are in, then get in a different position and retrain your breathing. If you are completely lost by this one, keep your feet and knees together, reach forward and squat to the floor, keep your chest down, now inhale. If you can’t do this go back to moving better. 👆

Want to feel amazing?

Shut the world out for at least 10 minutes a day and preferably 30. 💆‍♀️ I don’t care if you take a walk, meditate in an open field surrounded by daisies🧘🏼‍♂️, follow headspace, pray to whatever god you follow, or have sex, but give your brain a well earned break from constant thought.

Key Point: If your brain feels like it’s living in a blender on low speed, you wake up at night in constant thought on a regular basis, you snap at the smallest indiscretion, 🤨then it’s time to add some meditative activities to your daily routine. If this seems insurmountable go back to breathing better. 👆

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