Posterior Chain Workout

The posterior chain is a fancy term for the muscles on the back side of the body. These muscles are often underworked and over lengthened in the general public and, specifically, in those who sit for long hours at work. This workout is designed to get those muscles working to allow you to “reset” back to a happy standing posture! A few notes on this workout.

1. During all planking motions, make sure your pelvis is tucked under (think belt buckle to chin) so that you do not use your low back to do the work.

2. During all bridging make sure your low back is not arching. We want to give those glutes and hamstrings a chance to really work and that requires shutting off the low back. When you lift up your back should not arch. Feel the glutes and hamstrings doing the work. Also, pulling the opposite knee in really helps!

3. On any pulling motions make sure to keep your ribs pulled down and do not allow them to flare. It is definitely possible to open your chest without flaring your ribs! Take and exhale, engage your abdominals and keep them engages as you pull. At the end range focus on your back muscles and opening of chest while still maintaining abs.

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